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We are a Chilean logistics company dedicated to the international trade and transportation industry with over 30 years of experience in Air Freight, Ocean Freight and ground transportation.
With a global network and strategic agents and partners in the most important countries around the world Cronos is able to assist you and provide you with all you logistics needs.
At Cronos we focused on a personalized and dedicated customer service.  Since our beginning customer service has been the core of our foundation and continues to be. We count with the most highly professional and skilled staff that are ready to service you.


Attitude, Focus, Trust, Integrity and Respect.



We are not only experts in transportation and international shipments, we act also as consultants for our clients developing custom made logistic solutions through our global logistic network.

Our Company offers FCL freight service. Using our strategic alliances with the world’s top vessel operators, we can adapt quickly to secure the capacity required to keep your supply chain running at optimal efficiency.
We also provide LCL services for ocean shipments that do not require the use of an entire container. We can consolidate your shipment and manage their transit cycle from point of origin to point of destination.

We provides international air freight services, import and export, to and from the world’s most frequented trade lanes as well as some of the most remote locations in the world.

Ground transportation in both domestic and international markets continues to be an economical and effective mode of transport for cargo shipments. Our company, in the constant effort for offering an integrated and excellent service, provides domestic transports of your cargo. We provide solutions for import and export operations, consolidated cargo, FCL, LCL cargo, full truck loads and more.

Pharma and Temperature Controlled. We offer transportation solutions for products that require a controlled climate. Using temperature-controlled cargo containers, cargo-hold placement and temperature monitoring, we can ensure temperature stability for your shipments.
When combined with temperature-controlled ground vehicles, we provide the ultimate door-to-door delivery for both domestic and international temperature-sensitive shipments.

Oversized and out-of-gauge cargo typically requires the use of special equipment or specific types of vessels. When large pieces do not conform to the dimensions of regular and standard ocean or airfreight freight containers, they have to be shipped in special vessels or aircrafts. We developed a Project division. Our project specialists and partners are highly skilled in assessing the transportation, crating and bracing requirements for your most challenging over-sized cargo movements.

We offer complete follow up of the shipments, from the moment the order is processed until it arrives to final destination. We coordinate your shipments managing the complete information process starting from the supplier’s warehouse until the cargo arrives at final consignee´s warehouse, establishing a flow of information which will help you take the right decisions in a fast and safe way.




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    Viviana Campos


Code Details Internal dimensions (mts) Door dimensions (mts) cu. ft cu. m
20’ standard  01_standard L: 5,900 m W: 2,352 m H 2,390 m W: 2,340 m H: 2,283 m 1172 33
20’ refrigerated  02_refrigerated L: 5,450 m W: 2,285 m H: 2,260 m W: 2,320 m H: 2,250 m 1056 30
20’ open top  03_opentop L: 5,840 m W: 2,340 m H: 2,360 m W: 2,320 m H: 2,250 m 1149 33
20’ flat rack  04_flatrack L: 5,900 m W: 2,352 m H: 2,310 m NA NA NA
40’ standard  05_40standard L: 12,030 m W: 2,352 m H: 2,390 m W: 2,340 m H: 2,275 m 2390 67
40’ standard high cube  07_40bigcube L: 12,030 m W: 2,350 m H: 2,700 m W: 2,340 m H: 2,590 m 2694 76
40’ refrigerated  06_40refrigerated L: 11,570 m W: 2,285 m H: 2,250 m W: 2,290 m H: 2,265 m 2120 60
40’ refrigerated high cube  11_40refrigeratedbigcube L: 11,570 m W: 2,268 m H: 2,546 m W: 2,276 m H: 2,501 m 2366 67
40’ open top  08_40opentop L: 12,024 m W: 2,352 m H: 2,380 m W: 2,320 m H: 2,250 m 2345 66
40’ flat rack  09_40flatrack L: 12,020 m W: 2,410 m H: 1,955 m NA NA NA
40’ flat rack collapsible  10_40flatrackc L: 12,080 m W: 2,126 m H: 2,043 m NA NA NA


Code Details External dimensions cu. ft cu. m
LD2 IATA Type 8D contae01 47" × 60.4" × 64" 118 3.3
LD3 IATA Type 8D contae02 61.5" × 60.4" × 64" 153 4.3
LD8 IATA Type 6A contae03 96" × 60.4" × 64" 247 7
LD4 IATA Type 7A contae04b 60.4" x 90" x 64" 191 5.4
LD7 IATA Type 5 contae05 125" x 88" x 63" 350 9.9
LD11 Pallet IATA Type 6 contae06 125" x 60.4" x 63" 242 6.9
LD11 IATA Type 6 contae07 125" × 60.4" × 64" 247 7